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Hello from San Francisco

25 Aug 2016 21:15 - 26 Aug 2016 12:26 #3147 by MGorden
MGorden replied the topic: Hello from San Francisco

piroflip wrote: MGordon...do i know you??

Oh yes, and you & Reggie are the best heli pilots I've ever met. But if I still need my nitro fix, we still have Rich:)

BTW - a few years back I picked up a used 700 sized nitro heli from a guy on one of the forums. He was selling it for just a song so I figured I was game. I bought it and tinkered around with it and whatnot for a week or so before trying it out. Saturday evening rolls around and we all finish up with the bbq and cool ones and I figured I could at least hover it in the backyard since I'm pretty good with hovering one on the simulator. So I gits out all the stuff, finally get it turned on and send it up. Everything seemed ok, was hovering her maybe 12 feet up or so and then the neighbors hound dog Hee Haw starts barking up a storm and making a huge fuss which took, away some of my attention. I don't get it, I was doing good up until that point and then with the dog, it's like I seemed to have lost my connection with the heli. Long story short I ended up loosing control and she slammed into my neighbor's garage roof. No damage except knocked a half dozen or so shingles off his roof, I got up there and fixed them since we are good friends and all. It also did a little number to the heli too, but figured I could get that repaired in no time at all, which I did. Only problem now is every time I try and fire up the heli, Hee Haw (The hound next door) puts up a real fuss when he hears that heli start'n up. My neighbor's wife gits all upset and says if I don't shut her down she's going to call the cops. Needless to say, with this current development it's not been any fun. Let me know the next time you going to be in Brisbane and I could fetch my heli and bring her down and we can try her there. Would you help me with her and all? Thanks.
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26 Aug 2016 20:22 - 26 Aug 2016 20:23 #3169 by piroflip
piroflip replied the topic: Hello from San Francisco
Lol....gotta love it!!!!!
Classic!!!...Hee Haw the dog barking while your trying to hover,I'm sorry about your mishap but damn that story had me falling off my chair and laughing nonstop!!!
Yeah,I'm there every weekend especially sunday morning,airplane guys are there early till 11:00-12:00.Generally sundays is our heli gathering of the week.
So if you do come by,sunday right before 11:00 would be best.I still can't figure out who you are or your name???
I'd be happy to assist you with your 700 nitro.
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26 Aug 2016 22:04 - 31 Aug 2016 11:22 #3170 by MGorden
MGorden replied the topic: Hello from San Francisco
Well that was against my better judgement I admit, but you know how it is, after so many cold ones, I can't help but start feeling 12 foot tall and bullet proof. And that's when I tried to fly her for the first time. And like I said, I cant even get it out now without that hound dog going nuts. Even just seeing it, that dogs antennas go up and it starts growling and all. Any noise like when I'm getting ready to fire it up, the dog goes off. But I can't really blame it for doing that. When the heli hit the garage and came down off that roof, it was still doing its thing as it fell into the yard where the dog was. That hound came a barreling up out of there like a scalded hog. Took Skeeter (my neighbor) about an hour to round him up, a number of blocks away.

Anyways, hopefully I'll make it out to where you fly (Brisbane). Not been there for a long spell though. I think last time was on 012 or 013.
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