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Hello Bay RC

31 May 2016 09:32 #2853 by chrisdhicks
chrisdhicks created the topic: Hello Bay RC
I'm new to the RC world but have some experience when I was young. I have some tanks and recently purchased a F-16 and F-22. I am learning how to wire and get each servo to talk to the controller. Mixing seems to be the next task and getting the servos going in the right direction. I am in Castro Valley and is there a good place in the East Bay for learning and practicing landing?


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31 May 2016 15:02 #2855 by MaydayJoey
MaydayJoey replied the topic: Hello Bay RC

Up toward that area I'm not sure where you can fly, I know there are a couple of groups that fly in certain areas but they aren't too public about it.

I would very much recommend you get somebody to buddy box with you and help you setup the planes. EDFs aren't the easiest to fly and are probably the easiest to make mistakes with on take off (and well landing).

There is a huge groups that flies in Sunnyvale at Baylands Park. There is also an AMA field called SACRC Which is an organized group and have their own field.

Also, if you haven't looked come join us June 12 for the fly in, bring your planes and we can get you in the air!

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