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New guy in teh east bay

29 May 2016 07:58 #2845 by morris better
morris better created the topic: New guy in teh east bay

I'm new to the forum, and new to RC. I recently completed building a Lumeneir QAV-R 5". (see attached pic') I've done a lot of LOS flying, and I'm _learning_ to fly FPV. Mostly I've learned that it's harder than it looks. I've also learned that a damaged Rx antenna can lead to damaged fingers. I live near Castro Valley.

I've been flying mostly at home, but the trees and my new-guy skills have caused more tree climbing expeditions than I like. I'm looking for a place to fly FPV, and some help/wisdom from more experienced FPV pilots.

Too much is just enough

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29 May 2016 18:06 #2847 by dsal
dsal replied the topic: New guy in teh east bay
FPV isn't that bad. Just:

1. Keep going forward.
2. Don't try to fly in any leveling mode (massive confusion).

After that, it gets pretty easy fast.

I've been learning to fly planes LoS lately. It's not too bad, but I'm way more comfortable in an FPV quad.

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