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Sold - Align Trex 600n electric conversion - BNF or PNP

18 Dec 2017 10:41 - 20 Dec 2017 09:51 #4355 by Busch
Busch created the topic: Sold - Align Trex 600n electric conversion - BNF or PNP
Sold - 320 BNF w/ Spektrum AR7000
300 PNP

Beautiful Trex 600n. Great condition and flies well. Only thing it needs is to have the rear tail guides fixed in place - they are loose and move when you change the tail pitch - I'm not a big Heli guy, but apparently that's normal stuff. A guy at the club told me people wedge a piece of zip tie under them to keep them still - makes sense, because when I got it I saw zip tie pieces in there and said, "Hey, those are ugly, I'm removing them!" (I'm an idiot about helis.. I can fly them pre-built and.. kinda repair them, but I have never built one.)

Anyway, it's been converted to electric by the previous owner. I wanted to fly it more, but I'm honestly not ready for a 600 size. I still have a 500x I've yet to fly because I'm working on mastering my little 450 size birds... I hovered this guy around and it just scared me.

I hovered it on a 6s 5000mah lipo w/ a separate Rx battery. Has an external BEC, so you can either use a second battery or rewire it for use with your lipo.

I put a Spektrum AR7000 in it - so it's BNF. If you don't want the Rx I can drop 20 bucks off the price and keep it.
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18 Dec 2017 14:25 #4357 by Busch
Busch replied the topic: Align Trex 600n electric conversion - BNF or PNP
I received a question on the motor - it's an Align 600XL 1650kv. The esc is also an Align 75/80 Opto (whichever was recommended for that motor, I'm sure.).

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