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For Sale: TONS of planes and equipment, getting out of hobby

15 Jul 2017 17:27 - 16 Jul 2017 16:36 #4156 by raymond_h2002
raymond_h2002 created the topic: For Sale: TONS of planes and equipment, getting out of hobby
Price: $----. You gotta take all of it, though. whatever you don't want, give to your friends.

Getting out of the hobby sale. I've got a ton of stuff that I have listed below. At a conservative estimate I ballparked this stuff to be over $700, which is the point where I got tired of counting little bits and pieces. More interested in recovering my storage space than the cash I sunk in. I will probably dig up more stuff over the next few days to add to the pile. Here's the stuff:

Cox FW190 ARF, 20" wingspan, NIB.
Dumas Tiremoth, 35" wingspan. NIB.
Parkzone Radian - Plug and Play - 78" wingspan, NIB
Electrify Fun Force Zero - ARF NIB, + partial build. conservatively speaking let's call it 1.5 kits.
Parkzone FW190 - ARF, partially assembled tail servos contained in an old crashed fuselage for you to transplant.
Hyperion Cap 232 25e. Crashed and repaired. Eflite 1100kv brushless outrunner mounted, all servos mounted (blackbird BMS380MG in the wings, SG90 rudder, PZ DSV130M elevator). needs minor work to get flight ready.
GWS P40 Warhawk. Servos mounted, brushless outrunner (size unknown) mounted, should be ready to fly in very short order.
Spirit of St Louis. Motor, servos and brushless outrunner mounted, hangar rashed. I think this just needs a receiver and battery.

GWS Zero, FW190, Corsair ARF's (each about ~30" wingspan). F16 ducted fan kit (pretty sure it's a clone of the phase 3 EF16), unknown make. These kits don't come with the original boxes.
busted up f27stryker. i thought it would be cool to 'glass' over the body to stiffen it up to deal with flying it with a 4cell battery but on the contrary it flies like dogcrap. you can try to sand off the exterior or simply just salvage the motor, servos, receiver and dump the rest.
GP Siren Hotliner Kit (midbuild, never flown). comes with servos, motor, battery.

2 blade cp partials, mini cx, mcp. You can salvage the brushless motors, servos, etc. MCP and MCX are in pretty good condition from my recollection, should only need a battery.

dx8 transmitter, barely used.
dx6 transmitter, pretty badly trashed but still works!
dx4e transmitter. I dont even remember how i got this.
spektrum receivers: AR6255, SPMAR600 x 2, several more that come w/ the planes/helis that I can't be bothered to count.
several brushless motors of various sizes, and several ESCs. Like, a lot.
various fixed and folding props

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17 Jul 2017 14:45 #4157 by aerostarlegacy
aerostarlegacy replied the topic: For Sale: TONS of planes and equipment, getting out of hobby
got anything larger than an eflite power 15 equivalent motor?

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