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Taranis Plus for "parts" $60

1 week 1 day ago - 3 days 19 hours ago #3760 by MaydayJoey
Disclaimer: Can it be repaired? Sure, if you know what you are doing. Will I help you, No. Please only contact me if you understand what you are buying.
Ok, So I have had this for 2 years, I got one of the first batches of the Plus release. Recently I've been experiencing lock out in flight, I replaced the internal frequency board (also connects the external, antenna usb etc) Seemed to work fine for a couple of months then started having the same issue. Lastly it was on a table and got knocked over and broke two switches. Comes with some extras:

- LiFE battery
- Extended battery cover
- Controller prop up
- New shell
- 2 replacement switches
- Carbon fiber switch plate covers
- New Gimbal springs (HD versions)

LPU only, please let me know if you have questions.
Feel Free to text me: 805441326two

Please make sure you introduce yourself in the first thread.
---- Here: bayrc.net/forum/welcome-mat/2-mayday-joe...ome-to-the-new-bayrc
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5 hours 12 minutes ago #3768 by oiooooio
I will take it

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