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Indoor flying! (and Auction) Fremont Saturday Oct 28th **All are welcome!**

30 Oct 2017 08:11 #4292 by Hallwoo610
Hallwoo610 replied the topic: Indoor flying! (and Auction) Fremont Saturday Oct 28th **All are welcome!**
if you guys did'nt make it Sat nite, then you missed a saber legion demoe


one of the guys picked up a load of sabers, $6,000 worth from one of the last meets, some one just left them all there , no claims yet

and a new kind of radio

also, how to make FPV racing GATEs with pvc and swim pool noodles

and, finally the flight of the Albatross

I got there about 8 pm after some nite flying with the Pawnee Brave at RSA
gotta be there by 5:30 before they close the gate, if you want to see the Pawnee night-flyer
I got one that's fully debugged and upgraded with beefier tail wheel bracket, and a better 11x9 gas prop Master Airscrew


stayed until 11;30 pm

easiest way to get there from Los Altos, take 880 exit from hwy 280 , drive to Mowry in Fremont to Fremont blvd, make left, go past McD and make right turn into Holy Spirit church at Central rd., only about half hour

see yah next time

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