RC Electric Heli Flying

29 Jun 2015 21:14 #1607 by Ray Lionel
Ray Lionel replied the topic: RC Electric Heli Flying
I simply found of another incredible spot for electrics. It's Rancho San Antonio park. It's likewise a non-official field, however, it's well organized and active.

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30 Jun 2015 08:09 #1609 by kirby
kirby replied the topic: RC Electric Heli Flying
There is an official flying area at Rancho San Antonio, the rules changed a few years back and IIRC the rules now allow only electric front-propellor planes. No helis, no pushers, etc.

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29 Jul 2015 15:32 #1738 by Lohmeyer
Lohmeyer replied the topic: RC Electric Heli Flying
I fly mostly at SCCMAS (the Tomcats, sccmas.org ), which is off Monterey Highway halfway to Morgan Hill. SCCMAS requires a membership ($120/year) and you must be a current AMA member (which you should be already), and of course most the members are fixed wing, but it's still a great place to fly helicopters. Often the heli guys fly Sat. afternoon, or Sun afternoon once some of the fix wing guys start going home, but most SCCMAS Heli pilots are also fixed wing, so most alternate fix and rotor craft during the middle of the day on weekends. The field is also empty most week days all day long. There is a heli-only area if you want to fly and not worry about fix wing traffic. It is used very little, so you can pretty much be guaranteed clear air space every time you go there. Probably 95% of the time I fly at SCCMAS, I have the sky to myself.

When I want to just fly, I can easily find days and time to have the field to myself. If I want to be social, there's a lot of great fix wing and heli pilots flying on the weekend, especially Sunday which is the most active day, all day long. Best of all, you will never have someone pop a kite up into your flight path or come out kicking a soccer ball around below your aircraft.

Component is free, more convenient for most of us, and probably the preferred hangout for a lot of the really good pilots. I personally prefer to fly at SCCMAS because it has a long paved runway (I don't like flying over tall grass), and power available for charging. I don't have to take a generator like I would if I fly at Component.

I normally fly a Goblin 700 and a Trex 500. When I fly my MCPX BL, however, I just go across the street to the local park or school grounds. No one has bothered me yet, but be aware, it is illegal to fly RC in most parks in the South Bay. School grounds? It may depend on the school, and if the school administration has been forced into having to set a policy.


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09 Aug 2015 15:58 #1771 by stay-fun
stay-fun replied the topic: RC Electric Heli Flying
This topic is great! I'm also mainly into helicopters, and baylands park seems less suited. I don't feel like going to the side, where regular pedestrians are, and I've been told my 550 heli scares other pilots (haven't brought my 700 yet...). Definitely going to try out component drive! Is that one good for weekend mornings, hook up with like-minded people?

I really don't mind paying for a club ($100-150 per year to have a good place to fly? HECK YEA! I spend way more on my models...), I'm an AMA member, but it seems most places to fly around here in the bay are not clubs. I'd love to go SCCMAS, but I'm afraid it's a little far. I'm in mountain view.

I'll definitely try component drive next weekend.

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