Opinions on the FMS P-51(D) V8 Mustangs, alternatives?

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29 Mar 2017 17:51 #3856 by kiteless
kiteless created the topic: Opinions on the FMS P-51(D) V8 Mustangs, alternatives?
Wondering what peoples opinions are on this plane or on FMS in general. I'm in the market for a plane of that size and type (doesn't have to be a Mustang specifically) at the swap meet this weekend. Seems like a solid plane. That said I also read reviews from people saying they had this or that problem out of the box. FMS has been around for a while but I have no idea what their QC is like. The videos I have seen specifically of the V8 version of the Mustang make it seem like it flys very nicely though and the landing gear seems very good. Also are there other alternatives? I don't think I want another Parkzone/E-Flite, seems like there are some cheapo options from China via Nitroplanes and such as well. Are they any good? Or can be good with a little extra love?

Thanks so much all!

// Jason aka Kiteless

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29 Mar 2017 19:57 #3859 by MaydayJoey
MaydayJoey replied the topic: Opinions on the FMS P-51(D) V8 Mustangs, alternatives?

Have you not talked to Warren about his? It's an excellent plane. I'm not really aware of anybody who has had issues straight out of the box. It doesn't need anything until you want to go faster.

But ALL FMS planes have random failure issues with their retracts. But for the 1450mm size it's much much more rare than the 1700mm size.

If you get one we can help you get it setup. There are some small things you want to check but that's about it.

In that size there is also:
- T-28
- Corsair
- P-40B
- 1500mm P-47 razorback 6s

All are very nice planes,

T-28 is probably the most stable but they all fly great.
Pretty much any FMS is a great plane with little issues (except the 1700mm size)

For E-flite the P-47 is a great plane and looks good in the air. Erich and TK both have one.

Flightline has the spitfire but isn't the easiest to land due to the LG.
If you want a 1.2m plane that will grow with you, consider Elevon Hobby line, they have a T-28, P-51, and BUURRRRRRRR CAT (Bearcat) Of the three the Bearcat has been my choice is an absolute blast to fly for the price!

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