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14 Nov 2016 13:44 #3553 by flavius
flavius replied the topic: Flying at Baylands
Now about sharing,

Wondering if there are already 5 racers on the field (so no channel available) and the 6th FPV-er shows up flying something else than a racing quad, will they have a chance of getting any of the channel even for a battery or two or will be just told there is nothing available.
I think it depends of the particular people flying there at the moment.
I have been in that situation and sometimes I got to fly only after it got to dark for racing. But it was probably just bad luck...
I understand, FPV is so addictive and everyone it's so itching to fly more that is a very difficult thing to give it up when everything is going right.
On the other hand , here in the bay area , there are so few places to fly without headaches that we really need to take this sharing to another level.
I'm always telling myself to think about the other guys that maybe same as me spent the whole night building or tuning or tinkering with the software or didn't fly for so long and is super eager to get some stick time.
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14 Nov 2016 14:03 #3555 by dsal
dsal replied the topic: Flying at Baylands
I agree -- if we could get more small places where people could race without harassment, it'd be good. I like miniquads, but, IMO, they don't really belong in Baylands (at least, I don't have too much fun with them there). It's a pretty boring place to fly miniquads. You can set up some gates and stuff and make it OK, but it's otherwise a kind of big open space. It's pretty OK for planes.

The problem I see the most is almost every park in the bay area is plastered in "no fun allowed" signs (e.g. ). I've been kicked out of a park for flying a quad in a far corner far away from anyone else. Ranger said I might "bother" other parkgoers. He was kind of stumbling over his words as I was quiet and far away from all the loud people, but They™ decided we're not welcome. How do we make this better?
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15 Nov 2016 17:00 #3567 by MaydayJoey
MaydayJoey replied the topic: Flying at Baylands
Guys, I feel like this is beating a dead horse, every month somebody comes up a reason to say that the multirotor guys can't/shouldn't/ or otherwise be at Baylands.

The reality is, they're allowed regardless of the numbers they fly in or the amount of space they take up. The reason the are allowed is for the exact same reason that fixed wing flying is. "We" (as individuals) are patrons of Baylands park and the field is a common area which really only has one rule, first come first serve. (now hold on, I realize Rai may have been their first that's not my point)

We all have to be accepting to who uses the field even if it's upsetting to us. Multirotor vehicles are new to a lot of people who have been flying fixed wing for a long time and it can be hard to change you habits to accept. But we all need to because they have just as much right to be there as anybody else.

Do the multirotor pilots really take up that much room? Well no, in fact the reason they always seem to be in the way is because fixed wing planes take a lot more room. Take off, approach/landing all cut through a huge chunk of the field we use. the other complaint I hear is "can they move" Well we tried that, it's fine in some situations but not great in others. Some people attend baylands because there is a vast open space to set up a race to fly through and yes that could potentially impede fixed wing normal flight patterns.

If you look at the past posts under the Baylands forum section you will see multiple people bringing up this same argument. But nobody takes the time to communicate with people on the field (on either side).

In the case of Rai this seems like a communication issue. Those guys know what the frequencies are and Rai wasn't familiar with the new bands being used, the guy he spoke with should have known to explain it a little better but not every multirotor pilot is in that train of thought.

P.S. I moved this thread to the Baylands specific thread to keep it under the correct section.

Please make sure you introduce yourself in the first thread.
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20 Nov 2016 21:49 #3575 by llukas
llukas replied the topic: Flying at Baylands
Fixed wing blocks field only for short amount of time at a time for takeoff or landing. There is no problem to find time slot to take-off/land even with many people flying at once.

Once you put racetrack up it blocks that space from other use for entire duration it is up. (you do not tear it down when you have a break or do you?). You may be 100% legitimate but do not be surprised that kind of behavior can be viewed as selfish.

You could try to position gates so there is some space to allow landing fixed wing to go through or to the side of the track - imho this should help.

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29 Nov 2016 08:03 - 29 Nov 2016 08:04 #3587 by gooniac
gooniac replied the topic: Flying at Baylands
Yet another issue brought about by the multi rotors.... UGH

So what I see as the issue here it not a matter of room. It is a matter of courtesy. I know most people that fly at baylands and if there is someone that is taking up a bunch of room and not sharing I will make it a point to let them know what I am going to be doing and see how we can compromise. It works almost every time but requires that you be willing to talk to people and work things out.

The noise that people are speaking of here is RF noise most likely and not the actual noise of the machine. Not sure how else to deal with this aside from what I mentioned above. However there is something else that needs to be said about the mix of quad racing and fixed wing planes flying at the same time.

I encourage all FPV racers to actually sit back and watch what it is like for the fixed wing guys. With planes you can kind of predict what the other planes will be doing and get them to all flow together in a pattern. That is usually counter clockwise at baylands depending on the wind direction which is almost always out of the north. The issue with racing quads is that they are really hard to see when flying a plane and on top of they they are really erratic in their flying patterns. Most of the time the shoot up directly into the flight path of oncoming planes or are going really fast in the opposite direction. That is really hard on the fixed wing guys and as a result they can get irritated. Not to mention all of the racers that are doing things that irritate the park goers. Shooting down the paths at high speeds, racing through the play structures and almost hitting people walking on the paths when they crash into something etc. Not everyone with racing quads do this sort of thing but there are enough of them to be bother people. We can't come up with rules in the park since it is public but we had better come up with something before they come up with rules that no one likes. If there is going to be a race then we need to have a closed course that is coordinated with the other people flying at the time and keep it to that area. There is enough room for us all to fly together but we have to be willing to work together to get to that point.
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29 Nov 2016 12:44 #3588 by Sky Dragon
Sky Dragon replied the topic: Flying at Baylands
Someone should remind them what happen down at Bedwell Bayfront Park in the city of Menlo Park on how City Council took action and punish the RC flyers and including the responsible RC flyers. I think the aggressive drone racers should take note from the drone racers down in Berkeley Marina / Cesar Park on how they self regulate in the city of Berkeley. The Meetup groups are more disciplined and if they see anyone doing stupid stuff, they will get on their case and warn them about not upsetting the people at the park. So far I know is they are still in good standing with the park and have not received any complaints since they have a spotter to make sure the drone does not interfere with the people walking on the pathway or any area on the field and getting in contact with idiots who about to ruin it for the whole group. If you read the article about the group, they mentioned on how it is important to have a good standing at the park and safety is a must.

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